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European Tour seeks to show that money doesn't equal success

Although the European Tour doesn't receive as much of a following or respect as would ideally be the case, despite the fact that it possesses the top two golfers in the world as well as a large chunk of the Ryder Cup winning European team, it certainly is cleaning up when it comes to winning majors in recent years. This is something that could be really reinforced at the US Masters at Augusta if a member of the European tour, such as Lee Westwood or Ian Poulter, happened to end the tense four day event wearing the illustrious green jacket of victory.

If this does turn out to be a reality, then all four of the Major events would be in the hands of a European Tour member, leaving the US PGA tour licking its wounds as it looks to recover from the loss of form of its former star Tiger Woods, as well as the fact that its golfers couldn't beat the Europeans at Celtic Manor. The US Masters odds suggest there could be a European winner at Augusta.

However, as with all glory, there comes the massive risk of failure and a change in the tide, something that could well occur if Phil Mickelson or Tiger Woods triumphs at the Masters and starts to begin a US comeback that leaves European golfers once again battling for a place in the limelight that is so easy for those on the US PGA to be in.

Despite this, the fact remains that European golf can at least enjoy the fact that at the moment it is undergoing a great spell because of the talented players choosing to stay on the tour. If one of them can triumph at Augusta then that'll be great, but if not, they will certainly do so at least one of the other Majors this year.

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